Thursday, 8 December 2011

You Sew, Girl! - Wrap Skirt


I picked up this Echino Chelsea fabric for only $10/m during Frou Frou's closing down sale. Which is good, because I got a bargain, but also sad because it's another great fabric store that is no longer around. The fabric is double-gauze, which is lovely and floaty and soft. Perfect for summer weather.


I didn't use a pattern as such, I followed Nikki's instructions in the pattern-free clothes section of her book, You Sew, Girl! I think the skirt is better suited to a more structured type of fabric (like a quilter's cotton, or maybe some linen), but I think I got away with using the gauze for this project.


The fabric was really narrow, so in the instructions, Nikki advises a centre-back seam as an option, but I wanted a fairly long skirt and the longer it is, the wider it is at the bottom and it was just a little too narrow. I also wanted my lions to all be the right way up, so I ended up making it with two side seams instead.


The only thing with this was that I'm not really sure I had the grain of the fabric right on the two over-lapping front panels. My concern about this caused me to procrastinate a lot, and this skirt ended up taking me a couple of weeks to finish, which is silly because it is not really that complicated.


The skirt has a facing around the waist-line, and along the front edge of the skirt, which takes a little more time than this skirt, but makes for a much better finish.


  1. That's really pretty! I have the book, but haven't made anything yet. Good to hear how easy this one was.

  2. love it! well done.
    you know that that is the same thing that I am confused about.
    I have a skirt cut out waiting for me to figure out the grain for the waistband yoke..crazy!
    well done & super cute little helper there too ♥

  3. Great that you were able to tweak the seams around the limitations of the fabric. ANd good on you for trying it in a floaty fabric - it is better in something solid, and much easier to make. Next time, go super-wide denim!!! :)

    Oh - and Cathie - the facing is on the same grain as the skirt. It's in the instructions!! :)

  4. Awww such cute photos of you two together...and love the skirt!

  5. Brilliant skirt. What a bargain that material was... and it looks so good made up in the skirt. So fabulous. AND I love the photos of you playing with your little one. *SO* cute.

  6. Looks gorgeous! And don't worry about all the time it took to work it out. Next time it will be a breeze as you have already nutted it out. Its a really good one for pressies for girlfriends as you don't need to know their measurements. Once I got the hang of it I was able to churn them out.


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