Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas 2011


Christmas Eve and the night before that were quite busy. I managed to whip up another Apple shirt for Liam, make another sunglasses case, and put together a dolly for Amélie. You can see the shirt in the pictures in this post, the dolly I will come back to in a later blog post.


Mean-while, Santa was very busy putting together this awesome present. Santa and his helper were very busy Christmas Eve putting the final bits together and managed to beat the storm (although there was a lot of lightning - perhaps a little risky?). There were a few trimmy bits and a chalk-board that he left for us to add, Santa is very busy, you know.


There was a little more to do before going to bed, the dolly still needed her dress finished, and there were snaps to apply to the shirt. So it was a bit of a late night for me, but it was worth all the effort. The kids are out on there at every opportunity and I think most of the outdoor toys (not the bikes, thank goodness) have been down the slide by now.


Santa even made sure Amélie was accounted for. She loves the swing, she doesn't like getting off it much, though.



  1. Love the Apple shirts!!! Santa did a great job on the play set.

  2. What a great-looking swing set! Well done to Santa for a gift all the kids love!

  3. Another great shirt. You must have sewing them down pat by now! Cheers, Susan

  4. awesome present Santa! I wouldn't want to come inside either! I'd suggest some shade cloth coming off a side as an 'awning'- then you can leave them out there on hot days haha. (can't suggest where to put it, though teehee) Yep, mine used to love that swing too, fits her perfectly!

  5. Wow. Santa did a brilliant job.


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