Friday, 26 October 2012

25. Hat Parade #4

Reversible bucket hat

I have a few more hats that have come in from the hat sew-along. Renae from The Red Wren made this gorgeous hat, with bicycle fabric, using the Oliver & S bucket hat pattern.

my precious Ms. M

Sally of VirtĂș made this beautiful hat with some gorgeous strawberry fabric, using the You Sew Girl Kids' Hat Pattern. It looks lovely and summery on her beautiful daughter.

strawberry and flower hat for Ms. M

I really love the hat-band and the flower embellishment on the side. It gives the hat a point of difference, something that makes it stand out from the crowd.

Rachel of Little White Dove made this hat using the free Oliver + S bucket hat pattern. I love the fabric Rachel has used, it has a paisley look and I really love blue with pink. Rachel has some more hats underway, I am sure you will see them pop up on her blog over the next few weeks before Summer.

hat sewalong.

So that about wraps up the hat sew-along. Between us we managed to make more than thirty hats, which I am really excited about! It was great to see that lots of the people joining in had never made a hat before and most people who made them were keen to make more. You can see all the related blogposts here:


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Thank you to everyone who joined in. Who is going to join in when we do it again next year?


  1. I signed up and didn't deliver- massive apologies- I have a new hat pattern and good intentions- but I'll be like that 'eddie the eel' bloke at the olympics several years ago...and eventually make it to the finish line. Lots of wonderful hats have been made, gorgeous- good effort everyone.

  2. *ear to ear smile* Thanks so much for your kind words about my darling daughter and her hat :)


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