Sunday, 7 October 2012

7. Hat Parade #4


I am really glad that my hat sew-along inspired Cam of Curly Pops to finally pull out her Kids' Hat pattern and use it after it lingered in her stash for about four years! Doesn't it look great? It's in her favourite colours too! It is good to know that the largest size in the Kids' Hat pattern is most likely going to fit my head too, since it goes all the way from 48 - 57cm. I am betting Cam's nephews might be finding hats under the Christmas tree this year.

Oliver + S Bucket Hat for Maya

Rachel from Four Wise Monkeys made a hat for her daughter, Maya, using the Oliver + S bucket hat pattern, which is also available as a free download. Even though it was the largest size, it was a little small. It looks very professionally made. I expect there will be plenty more hats in Maya's future too.

Michka - Lilli May Designs

Michka from Lilli May Designs made this beautiful sun-bonnet, which she markets as the Cassandra Cap through her facebook page.

Wendy - Sew Biased Hat 1

Wendy, from Sew Biased made these two hats, and another third hat, using the Oliver + S bucket hat pattern from the book Little Things to Sew which is also available as a free download.

Wendy - Sew Biased Hat 2

This was actually going to be a wrap up post. There are still hats coming in though, so I think there is at least one more blog post in it. I am so excited by all the hat sewing that has been inspired by my little sew-along. I might just do it again next year!


  1. You know that hat pattern would still be in it's packet if it wasn't for your fabulous hatty challenge!

  2. Fabulous results all round. I wish my kids were still little enough for me to make hats for. Rebellious teenagers spoil all the fun :)


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