Tuesday, 30 October 2012

30. Five things I should be doing RIGHT NOW

Preparing my shopping list.
I have grocery shopping to do tomorrow. I've always found it works best if I do it first thing after kinder drop off, which means having the shopping list ready the night before. Still not done...

Working on my Doll Quilt for the swap I am in.
Final posting date is November 4, which is THIS SUNDAY - not finished...

Writing a blog-post
For Blogtoberfest. I've committed to doing one blog post for each day of October. I think today has been the biggest case of writer's block I've had all month and it's the second-last day. Have I got it sorted with this five things list? You tell me.

Busting patterns out of the stash.
Yes. That's right. I am pretty sure I commited to busting at least three patterns out of the stash during the month of October. Hahahaha. Maybe I will get onto the other two in November? I think this has been my most busy and productive month ever, so I will forgive myself this one transgression.

and the number one thing I should be doing right now?

Getting some sleep!
I always put this off. I stay up way too late.I crave quiet time though, and this is the only time I get it.

What about you? What should you be doing right now?


  1. Well i know what I shouldn't have been doing and that was getting woken up at 4.30 by little people! As for the shopping list, I much prefer not to do one so I am at the shops every few days for all the things I have forgotten. ( I definitely need to start meal planning and shopping lists!)
    Anyway you have blogged. As for the DQS, if you're anything like me, I like to leave it til the last minute. I work much better under pressure ;) lol

    1. I hope you're right about the DQS. It's been a really busy month this month, so it's been left until last. I think most of the work is in the inspiration, right?

    2. Exactly! How much have you done?

  2. lol I should be working, but am reading your post and having a chuckle - thank you :)

    1. I wonder how many other people I'm distracting from their work?

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  4. I am so with you on the sleep thing thing- which is silly because I love sleep- but always try to fit more into the day.


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