Thursday, 25 October 2012

23. Fob off your Christmas List


I recently was lucky enough to test another "You Sew Girl" pattern, the USB Key Fob. I am currently using mine to house my USB stick for my Embroidery Machine. I don't even have to take the stick out of the fob to be able to use it, with the neat little hole in it, I can plug it straight in!


This key fob is great for keeping your USB stick safe and sound as well as being easily identifiable. It would make a great addition to christmas stockings if you choose your fabrics and embellishments wisely. If you choose more masculine fabric, it would even make a suitable hand-made gift for a man. Because we all know how tricky it is to find suitable hand-made gifts for men and teenage boys.


Pop a USB stick in there and your teens might like it to store their MP3s on or for schoolwork. Maybe you could pair it with an iTunes gift card? It would also make a great teacher gift if you do that sort of thing. You could pop some photos on the USB stick and give it as a gift for the grandparents for Christmas. It could even be personalised with the child's name. Or you could get them to draw a picture for Nanna using some fabric textas or crayons.... (mind going into over-drive here).


Nikki gives you all the nifty tips and tricks you need to make this USB-key fob, and I am sure that you will use some of these tricks when making other things too. The best part is that you can down-load it right now and get cracking on your hand-made Christmas gift-list.


How would you "giftify" a USB stick? Who would you give it to and how would you embellish it? Would you put stuff on the stick, or leave it empty for the recipient to do what they wish?


  1. I have bought personalized ones from vista print. Sign up to their emails and you can get them for free or a couple of dollars and just pay shipping - this would be perfect to go with it.

  2. I was eyeing this off the other day, and now you have inspired me to 'seal the deal'...I'm off to buy it. Yours is great- and I love your brainstorm of potential recipients!

  3. Now if I just knew how to use a USB stick - I would LOVE one of these lol. Love the material, so bright and sunny

  4. I was thinking about the grandparent angle too. You could even inkjet pfabric print some kids drawings and make the strap from that.


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