Thursday, 11 June 2009

Bag Swap Sneak Peak #1 - Wrapped up with a Bow

My Essential Baby sewing buddies are having a bag swap. I ordered a pattern and some supplies from Nicole Mallalieu. Some of these items are going to be used for the bag swap. I'm not telling which ones. All will be revealed when the time comes....

I thought I would take the opportunity to show everyone what a marvelous job they do with their packaging.

Have you ever received something in the mail that has been squashed or bent? Sadly, I have heard of people ordering interfacing in the mail that was useless, because of the way it was packed.

At the top of the picture, you will see a tube, rolled up and tied with a bow. On the outside -template plastic. Inside that - fusible wadding. Inside that, vilene S520. And just to be sure, its all stuffed inside with tissue paper to stop it from being flattened by the postie. And its all tied up with a pretty pink bow!


  1. Oooh, someone is going to be very lucky!

  2. Oh - thanks for that plug! Glad you appreciate the effort we go to!

    Ummm... and I don't think I need to go in that giveaway.


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