Thursday, 11 June 2009

I've Been a Bit Slack...

...updating my blog lately. I have been sewing, and I have been doing other things too. I just uploaded my camera to the computer, I did it because it was FULL. There were three different birthday cakes in there, and I made one of them, so I haven't been sitting around.

Anyway - the item I was photographing when my camera said "enough's enough" is this little romper that I have made as a present for someone who had a little baby boy (in December - I really have been slack!). She is going to be so surprised!

It's the "Turtle" baby romper from Ottobre 3/2008. I used the Robot fabric from Spotlight. I also used the red size 14 snaps that I got from Snap Source (last year? - I hope not the year before..) I actually finished this a week or so ago (even though I started it last year), I put the snaps on today, so the garment was finally finished. Sadly, snap setting using the Snap Source tool and a hammer makes my baby cry. :'(

The edges are finished using Ottobre's technique of binding. I cut a length of red fabric (a lycra blend) and sewed to the edge with right sides facing. The binding was 4/5 the length of the actual edge, so a little stretched. I then folded it back over and to the under-side. I pinned, and then I stitched it down using a twin needle. I then cut away the excess fabric from the back using my little snips as I don't have a pair of duck-bill scissors yet.

I have heaps of blog-catchup to do, so I will be back in soon.


  1. I tlooks great - well done - I am sure that she will be thrilled with it - hope that it still fits him. I have some of that fabric in my stash - should really make something from it!

  2. Another who has that same fabric, I have only used a small amount in a top for Marcus.

    Such a cute romper I bet it will be loved!


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