Thursday, 26 November 2009

My Creative Space

I did a little trip to Melbourne on Monday for an Advanced Purse Frame workshop with Nicole Mallalieu (more on that another day...). While I was there, (and without any kids) I took the opportunity to indulge in a little retail therapy.

I came home with a few pieces of Cogsmo, by Cosmo Cricket for Andover Fabrics, which I have been coveting for some time. I have spent a little time making up a plan of what to do with it, by cutting and pasting images I found on the internet.

Haha! I have started yet another quilt (actually two quilts, I am doing one each)..... I still need to get some fabric together and I still don't have a free motion foot for my machine yet... or know how to do free motion quilting. But I have a plan. And some fabric.... and making the plan and buying the fabric were fun just by themselves!

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  1. The plan and buying the fabric can sometimes even be the best bit... it is the stage full of hope and optimism.
    I'm very much looking forward to reading about your purse course :)

  2. good luck! sometimes we have to learn new things to get these amazing ideas into real life and out of our head. Good luck with the quilt!

  3. Gracious, you ARE organised, thinking about what sort of fabric you'd like and what you'd do with it BEFORE purchasing. I should take a leaf from your book there I think!

  4. Sounds like lots of fun going on...I hope you get that equipment and learn the skill fairly easy..I would love to do the same but I am scared to take on big projects like quilts haha...

  5. With some gorgeous fabric and a plan, how could anything go wrong!

    I'm looking forward to hearing about the free motion sewing...

  6. Oooo purse framing workshop... new quilt... or retail therapy..not sure which one to get most excited about. Glad you had a nice day trip and like the look of the quilt coming to fruition. xo m.

  7. I'd love to do some lessons with Nikki - haven't quite gotten around to it, I always seem to be breastfeeding and can't get out for the day.

  8. you can totally do free motion! I used you tube and crazy mom quilts and practised on some fabric and batting sandwiched together. I then turned it into a crochet hook roll but how about some placemats and coasters to practise

    I often go to bed dreaming my hands are moving around with the machine after I've been quilting, its super addictive and I'm no expert but I love it! I know you will too!



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