Monday, 11 October 2010

Cross-over Top


This is the top that I made using the same pattern as this skirt, New Look 6470.

I made it ages ago, but I don't wear it much, because the cross-over bit spreads as I am wearing it, exposing my (ahem) bra.


I very much doubt that I will be wearing it this summer, as I kind of made it longer to begin with, and it doesn't really fit me now. But does anyone know how to solve the gaping problem? There is a Jalie pattern that can be made into a maternity top that I have been thinking about, but will I have the same problem with that pattern?


  1. i have no idea about the gaping...

    but look a baby bump! so exciting!

  2. Look at that little bump! I have no idea how to fix the gap. I usually wear something underneath or pull it together with a brooch. Susan

  3. Could you run a strip (about 4 inches wide) across the front that goes from armpit to armpit? It'd look like a singlet underneath the top but would be just enough material to cover over the bra area and should stay in place over that area. I hope that makes sense. Its a gorgeous top, I love seeing the adult tops that you've made on this blog.


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