Tuesday, 19 October 2010

More Quilting and a Bargain


Since I had no 111 thread for the Don't Look Now cushion cover, and I had no green for the last bit of appliqué for the DQS, I decided to do some quilting on the OTHER don't Look Now cushion, that I hadn't started quilting yet. I did this one using white thread. I am determined that I get as much quilting practice in as I can before I do any on my DQS.

I managed to get myself to Spotlight today, and got some white (800), 111 and some green thread to match my leaves, and whilst I was there, this managed to land in my shopping bag.


Some heavily discounted flannelette - there is enough here to make four pairs of winter pajamas next year for the boys. All up it cost me $17.08 - that's $4.27 a pair (excluding buttons, thread and interfacing, but you get the drift). I spent almost twice as much on thread!


  1. That is so cool! I do love a bot-print.

  2. What fabulous fabric - and a bargain for 4 pairs of pj's!

  3. Oh your quilting is so fabulous! Brilliant.

    ... I scored some discounted flannelette too ready for PJs next year - not in that funky print though :( ... just got to remember that I have it stashed away in the cupboard.


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