Sunday, 3 October 2010

Our Family Holiday


During September, we went on a holiday to visit family near Newcastle. Not only was it Liam and Noah's first time flying, it was new for me too. Luckily, we went on a plane that was more aerodynamic than this one. Our trip also included rides in taxis, trains and Skybus.


We spent a day at Nelson Bay, where Liam enjoyed a babycino. He also enjoyed Noah's babycino too.


We spent another day out and about at Oakvale Farm & Fauna World. There were animals wandering all over the place, including a very enthusiastic goat.


I couldn't resist taking a few snaps of this handsome fellow. Isn't he beautiful?


There were kangaroos, wallabies, wallaroos, llamas, goats, sheep, chickens, ponies and heaps of other assorted animals too numerous to mention. The kids really enjoyed feeding them pellets that we were given upon arrival.


We even got to pat real, live koalas. They are very soft.


The kids also enjoyed riding on Thomas the Tank Engine.


They also enjoyed the real train. The best part was catching up with family that we hardly ever get to see. Hopefully we will make it back there again soon.

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  1. I just love that photo of the peacock - it would look brilliant printed out large for the wall..... was going to say "blown-up" but didn't think it sounded too nice.


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