Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Finally Sewing Again!


It's been a bit crazy around here, and until the weekend just gone, I hadn't done any sewing since Amelie was born - except for repairing a pocket on one of Maxx's work-shirts.


So I replaced the broken zip on the kids' flip out sofa - since I couldn't get a 115cm zip, I used two 60cm ones and had them meet in the middle. It was a bit tricky. On the first go my zips didn't line up properly, so I had to unpick and sew them again.


Once I finished that, I replaced the cover on the change mat. What do you think of my blue spotty change mat?


  1. I love the spotty cover! I've been meaning to replace mine since our little one was born... and she's now 19 months old!

  2. I love the blue spotty cover, but the little bundle on top is just GORGEOUS!


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