Sunday, 13 March 2011

Still Sewing for the Boys

I bet you were expecting to come to my blog by now and see me sewing up a pile of pink florally things. Nuh-uh! I still haven't found my girl-niche....


So I thought that rather than sit around trying to be inspired, that I probably better just get on with it. So I grabbed this project out of my to-do pile, it was already cut out, ready to go.


It's the "Apple" Summer Shirt from Ottobre 3/2010 again.  This time I have made it in some "teeny tiny zoo" fabric, from Alexander Henry for Robert Kauffman. I like this fabric, but I think I prefer the Groove fabric that I made the other shirts in.


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  1. Great little shirt, and thanks for the tute above, so much neater than the way I do it! It took me a while to find my boy niche when DS was born too - lots of fabric collecting for a while but no sewing. Congrats on your wee girl, she is very, very cute!


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