Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Apple Tree


When we bought our house, just over two years ago, we were delighted to find it came with an apple tree.


Sadly, a couple of months ago, we had a small* flood and the tree fell over. The tree has to go eventually. According to everyone we have consulted, it can't be saved. It is still alive, however, and the apples weren't yet ripe, so we are letting it stay out the season**.


Of course, we have to share the apples with these guys...


....and that's my silver lining!


*we had a bigger flood last Tuesday, but that's another blog post entirely!
**actually, I think the chainsaw is broken, but why split hairs?


  1. Gorgeous photo's, but such a bummer about the tree. Maybe keep a few seeds and see if you can grow a replacement?

  2. That tree's not dead. Why don't you wait till the winter and stand it back up?


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