Monday, 24 October 2011

Sharing the Gadget Love - Magnetic Pincushion


I love my magnetic pincushions. I have three, all in different colours. I keep one by the iron, and one by the sewing machine and one where-ever I am cutting out. I swap them around, because the one by the sewing machine tends to get fuller, and the others get emptier. They are great because you don't have to stab anything with a pin, just sort of toss it in the general direction and the magnet does the rest. This means I can focus on my sewing and not have to worry about looking up to get rid of a pin. If you drop a bunch of pins on the floor, you can wave the pincushion over them and it picks them up.


You will notice that I use berry pins. Some of them have bigger heads than the others. The ones with the smaller heads are glass headed, whilst the others are plastic. You can iron over the glass ones without melting them. The plastic ones melt and can stain your fabric.

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  1. you stole my post! I love my green one, I may have to show of OCD box of pins now haha


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