Thursday, 13 October 2011

My Creative Space - On my way to "Leather City"


I'm working myself up to making a leather City Bag. I have a small project from Nikki's book cut out and ready to go. Once I have made that, I plan to make a City Bag in Denim, with a bit of Ink & Spindle to make it more exciting, and then... then I will do the leather bag that I have been planning to do for ages.

What's happening in your Creative Space this week?


  1. Loving it all - the ink and spindle, the Nikki book and the city bag pattern. yum!

  2. Where are you getting the leather from? I've been thinking of doing a bag for ages but couldn't find leather anywhere

  3. How exciting! I haven't done the city bag yet. Can't wait to see your leather one.

  4. It all looks so good together in your photo. Looking forward to seeing all the finished products.


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