Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Ottobre Woman


The last long-sleeved black t-shirt I owned, met with an unfortunate laundry accident shortly before we replaced our washing machine. While I was using mum's cover-stitch machine, I decided to make myself a replacement.


Armed with Ottobre 2/2006 and some "Seaspray" from Spotlight I set to it.

A normal adjustment for me would be body length adjustment. I am not a tall person, but when sitting down, I am taller than most people I know. I really, really hate too short tops, so I usually add about 7cm to the length of almost every top or dress I make, so I made this adjustment to the pattern. It should be noted, that the length on most tops doesn't change by more than a couple of centimetres from the smallest size to the largest size.


I often lengthen sleeves too, but I held the pattern piece up to my arm before I made it, and felt that the sleeve was adequate, which it was. Love having sleeves that go all the way to my wrists - luxury!


If you look at the pictures, you can see that the top is of a very generous length. I probably could have gotten away without the adjustment, but it is nice to have a top that covers my midriff, and it also doesn't ride up, due to the shaping in the pattern. Whilst I can see that the fit isn't perfect, it is about 1000 times better than anything I can buy in the shops, so worth the trouble of making it. I might have to start making myself some summery tops though, as it is a little warm for this sort of attire at the moment. Lucky for me, there is a short sleeved version and a v-neck as well if I want to go that way.


  1. Absolutely! I dislike it very much when tops ride up... and it happens so often lugging children around.

    Your top is therefore perfect!

  2. I really like it! Well done.


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