Sunday, 29 November 2009


My new lamp arrived from Buyster Lighting on Friday morning. It has made SUCH A DIFFERENCE to my dark sewing room. I have attached it to the Industrial machine table, as the machine has no light, and wowee, it makes the whole room brighter (there is now a gleam coming from under the door).

The lamp is a Cobra Desk Lamp by Brilliant, and the energy saving fluorescent globe was incuded. It also has a G-clamp base, so it can be attached to most tables and it bends and swivels in HEAPS of directions, so I can get it right in close to my machine while I am sewing, or I can raise it up and point it towards my ironing board while I am pressing stuff (way better than ironing in my own shadow) or even point it over towards my embroidery machine if I want a bit of light over there.

I have found myself dragging all sorts of projects over to the new lamp to work under. I can see heaps better now. Do yourself a favour and invest in some good lighting for your craft room, your eyes will thank you for it.

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