Sunday, 22 November 2009

My Latest Addition!

There's been a new addition to the family. In the way of an industrial sewing machine. Can anyone tell me what an acceptable number of sewing machines in one household is?

Currently there is a domestic sewing machine, an overlocker, an embroidery machine and now an industrial straight stitch machine all living in my sewing room. (There is also an additional machine in the shed, but we won't talk about that one...).

I think I'm becoming one of those people. You know, for some its cats, for others its.... well, sewing machines! Don't worry, it's all perfectly justified. They all have their uses (except for the one in the shed, but we aren't talking about that one, remember?)

It's a Yakumo DSN-165.

It has a motor on the OUTSIDE of the machine. When you unplug the machine, it continues to run, for quite some time!

It also has a SUMP! I must apologise, I really had no idea about industrial machines until this one came to live with me today.

I just need to work out how to use it....
Is anyone familiar with this machine?


  1. I think four is fine, I have three PC's, a MAC and a Laptop, with 2 more MAC's for playing with and two spare old servers as well (we don't talk about those ones either), makes nine computers in all, so yeah, four is o.k. (plus one we don't talk about)

  2. OMG! I had NO IDEA you had that many computers! Oh, I guess a few more sewing machines might be okay then....

  3. I think you should have as many sewing machines as you want... but perhaps th living room should now be called the sewing room!
    I've go no idea what a slump is - so I can't help you at all I'm sorry :(

  4. No idea about the machine sorry. I have three sewing machines (two I need to get rid of) so you beat me there :)

  5. That is a serious addiction. I think you're fine so far but too many is when you have to start stepping over them to get to the bathroom!

    That machine is very cool. Imagine what it has sewn over the years.

  6. Now that is a fabulous find. I've never used an industrial machine so I wouldn't have a clue where to even begin.
    Great collection!

  7. a person can never have too many sewing machines! I have only 3 but one is at the inlaws as its not small, nor does it work. but its pretty to look at lol

  8. Never have too many sewing machines, always wanted a industrial sewing machine I use to be a machinist years ago see if I can remember all about them.

    They only do straight stitch the lever near your leg is to lift the foot up and down usually the sump is filled with machine oil you have to keep that topped up. (how I don't know)

    When I was working in the rag trade we had mechanics that use to service the machines.

    Hope that helped a little bit.



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