Saturday, 14 November 2009

Wordless Weekend


  1. Hee hee! Cruising for chicks!!

  2. Oh fun! My kids used to ask me to let them ride on one of those at the shopping centers.

  3. So cute!
    How long were you there?
    My son loves these too... we seem to spend a lot of our time loitering around such machines. But regretably my money won't make the machines work - only grandma has the magic dosh :)

  4. So Carmel - do you put a coin in it??? My girsl have not yet ridden in these with a coin! There's one at my Spotlight and they are happy to 'drive' it without any money in it.
    Actually I think they'd have a fit if it started to move.
    Love Sally's comment - Grandma has the magic money!


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