Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tuesday Tip #3 - Don't cut the Original!

When using purchased patterns, it is a good idea to trace or copy the pieces you need, rather than cut the original pattern piece. I actually do this for all of my patterns now. Sometimes patterns can become damaged through use, or pieces become lost, so I copy what I need and place the original back in the pattern envelope so I don't lose it.

For patterns that are not multi-sized, I usually just photocopy. If it is small and I plan to use it a lot, I might stick it to a piece of a cereal box with a gluestick before cutting it out. This makes it easy to trace around with either a fabric pen or my rotary blade. I have taken entire patterns to Officeworks and had them copied for me.

There are many things you can use to trace or copy patterns, but one of my favourites is sew-in interfacing, which you can purchase in a 10m roll from Spotlight for about eight or nine dollars. The interfacing is easy to see through, so useful for fussy-cutting things, and sort of clings to most fabrics, almost eliminating the need to pin.

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  1. I love it that you get them photocopied at officeworks... yet another reason to go to officeworks!! hahaha!!! I will put my tip up later tonight :D

  2. Great tip!
    I sort of followed you lead this week and also posted about the initial stages - laying out the pattern.


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