Thursday, 12 November 2009

My Creative Space

My Creative Space this week involves beginning to justify the purchase of my snap press. I used it to apply snaps to an Oliver + S Puppetshow outfit that I have made for a friend's new (well, newish) baby.

One of the wonderful advantages of a snap press is that it is almost silent. Unlike the way I was previously using a hammer to apply snaps.

They look like angels, don't they? (Heh, heh!) There was a mishap with the tunic. I was ironing a shirt for one of the kids to wear to the library, and Liam snuck in behind me and snipped half an inch into the bottom of the tunic. The result was a slightly shorter tunic. I hope it is long enough!

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  1. That is so cute Carmel - how was the double gauze to sew??
    I am still very tempted to get some of that fabric for summer...

  2. Aggghhhh - did you hear that sigh of horror? Liam is lucky you didn't turn around and snip him!! Of course you wouldn't but I bet you felt like it! Thankfully the dress could be saved, and it looks beautiful... and long enough. The bloomers are a bit too cute.

  3. That is the sweetest little ensemble. I have bought some of it in the green colour way for myself! Wish I could look as cute in it as the lucky little recipient will!

  4. That is just adorable (the tunic and the photos of your sleeping babes!) I love how you've fussy cutted the unicorn fabric, I still haven't cut into mine yet....

  5. Adorable.....Yay for a silent way to work.

  6. I have that exact same fabrics! They look cute made up into that outfit.

    Which reminds me...I haven't taken photos of mine yet. I really should before DD outgrows her dress!


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