Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Lamp shopping

I have some good news! I have managed to get my industrial machine going! I am absolutely gobsmacked by what this machine can do. First of all, it is VERY, VERY fast. Lightning speed in fact. Oh and it will sew through ANYTHING! Even 32 layers of calico....

Only problem is, it is a little dark in my sewing room. The overhead light is really not very good. The industrial machine comes with it's own table, and since the lamp I use for my other machines is screwed to the wall, I can't use it for this machine. So it's daytime sewing for now. With two little toddlers running around, daytime sewing is kind of limited.

There is more good news though. Maree from Buyster Lighting has offered me an opportunity to review one of their lamps! I will be back soon to tell you all about it! Aren't I lucky?!!

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  1. Hello!!!

    I wondered if you had a blog, and now I know. :-)


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