Friday, 16 October 2009

BLOGTOBERFEST - DAY 16 (Woohoo! Check out this belt I made!)

Yesterday, a lovely little parcel from Nicole Mallalieu Design arrived with the supplies I needed to make this belt.

Nikki has a lovely tutorial on her blog which tells you how to make this belt, and it really is quite easy and very quick to make.

I whipped this up whilst the boys were asleep yesterday afternoon. Now I have to make another one...

Edited to add ~ I have had a few comments on the fabric I have used. It is available from Retro Mummy's shop for $9.95 per half metre. Retro Mummy has free shipping to anywhere in Australia.


  1. Love your choice of fabric Carmel. It looks great.

  2. How cute is that! Nice to find a quick project to do in nap time

  3. aaaah - that is too cute for words!
    I want to make them NOW, these have just been bumped up 'the list'!

  4. I want to make more now... in THAT fabric!

    (They're a nice quick instant-gratification one, aren't they?).

  5. Love the perfect fabric you have used!!

  6. Looks great! Lucky they both sleep at the same time. Still, you must have been motoring along with this project. Same or different fabrics for the next one?


  7. Love it! I have that fabric too :)


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