Tuesday, 27 October 2009

My Big Five!

Something I have been meaning to do all through Blogtober, is to tell everyone all about my favourite blogs.

I follow heaps of blogs, but these are the ones I never skip past... (interestingly, they are all Australian, hmm..)

You Sew, Girl - Nicole Mallalieu's blog. Heaps of great bag, hat (and other) tips and tutorials. I have read EVERY post on this blog. I guess by the way I rave on about her here, you would probably understand that I am a bit of a fan... If you haven't checked out this blog, then you ABSOLUTELY MUST!

Ric-Rac - Jodie of the Selvege Dress fame. I went in search of this blog after seeing the Selvege Dress in person at the Melbourne Stitches and Craft Show earlier this year. Jodie makes really cute softies with clock parts and other bits and pieces, and then she goes and makes these beaut little stories with her softies as characters. We all keep telling Jodie that she should publish a book, but she thinks we're all mad - check it out for yourself!

Badskirt - Amy makes Hippo, Kiwi, and Dog softies out of really cool fabric and sells them at markets. I'm not sure what it is that keeps me coming back to her blog. She is very friendly and seems to have a pretty good sense of humour (it might be the humour). Go and check out her blog and come back and tell me what it is that has made me become so addicted.

Curly Pops - Ok, another blogger that I can't stop myself from following is Cam from Curlypops. Cam likes to recycle things she finds at op-shops, and makes really cool bags out of discarded skirts and table cloths. Cam also has this really cool Superpops challenge on her blog that you simply must check out. I don't know how she does it, she must have this really cool magnetic personality thing going on, because I cannot see people making SuperCarmel's (that would be me) and entering them in a competition... Somehow Cam manages to keep it exciting.

My Black Cardigan - Nikki Cardigan. I first came across Nikki as I was checking out something she was pattern testing for Nicole Mallalieu. Like Curlypops, Nikki also recycles op-shop finds. Something I like about Nikki is the honesty of her posts. She will tell you about the stuff-ups as well as the things that go well. Nikki also will take a stuff up, turn it around and make it into a success. Nikki made a man's jumper into a ladies' cardigan, and when that didn't work out, she then turned it into a pair of pants for one of her twins. Nikki is warm, friendly and sweet. Check out her blog, trust me, you will love her....

Who are your BIG FIVE? What blogs can't you go past?


  1. I'll have to check out Nikki's blog, I've never seen hers!

  2. Hmmm... seeems we hang out on the same blogs! Clutterpunk and Myrtle & Eunice are also my must-reads... also local gals. Maya Made and Kootoyoo are also hugely inspiring. Oh, there are way too many....!

  3. By the way - thanks for lovng my blog!

  4. Thank you Carmel. You have made my day, no week! xxx

  5. Thanks so much Carmel. I'm chuffed to be in such fabulous company as they're all my faves too. We have great blog taste hee hee...

  6. Oh lots of my faves in there too!
    I second Clutterpunk, Kootoyoo and Myrtle and Eunice and also love to read Craft Schmaft, Hoppo Bumpo (I love Leisl's wry sense of humour) and also Dear Fii.


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