Thursday, 1 October 2009


I have joined the Blogtoberfest, which means that I have made the commitment to blog everyday for the entire month of October. To find out more about Blogtoberfest, or to sign up, you should pop on over to TinnieGirl's blog and check it all out.

I finished this shirt for Noah, yesterday and he wore it to Mum's group. Needless to day it got very, very dirty and is in the laundry soaking away.

I used Ottobre 2006/6 and used snaps instead of buttons and button holes. I didn't use my snap press for this one, as I only have dyes for the resin snaps and these ones are metallic. They have a pearlescent type finish just like the old style Miller shirts from when I was a little kid. I had already planned to use these snaps for this before I ordered my snap press. My favourite part of the shirt is the snaps on the sleeves so that they can be rolled up. I also like the binding on the inside of the neckband.

Anyway, I will be back in tomorrow sometime to do another post, so see you then!


  1. how very clever to have made the shirt so beautifully and even more clever to have worked out the Ottobre patterns!

  2. The shirt looks fantastic! I love shirts for my boys, but wish I enjoyed making them more, I always struggle with the collars.... I'm sure there's an easier way to do them, I end up taking forever with a lot of unpicking


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