Friday, 2 October 2009


I bought this book a couple of weeks ago...

Do you really think it is possible to make a kid's quilt in a weekend?  I have started many quilts, but I have never completed one. I might show some of my WIPs during blogtoberfest. I think part of it is that my ideas are too big, and maybe I should attempt someof the simpler projects in this book....

Maybe this other book that I bought on the same day might help me...?

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  1. Hmmm... I think I need those books. I'm fascinated by quilting but can't stand making something that I can't finish in a day.

  2. I borrowed this book from the library the other day because I have the exact same problem. Didn't really solve it though, I still like more complicated quilts and I don't think I could finish a quilt in a weekend. Susan :)

  3. I would love to see some of your WIP quilts :)

    I too have a heap of quilt tops on the go at once, but I found as soon as I made a point of finishing just one, I couldn't stop - it's really quite addictive (I've finished 5 this year alone already ;)

  4. I shall have to see if our library has that book. I thin you could definitely make a simple quilt in a weekend, maybe even a more complicated one with help!!!


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