Friday, 29 January 2010

12 Challenges - January (Something for ME!)

Carolyn over at My Favourite is hosting a meme this year. The meme is 2010 - 12 months, 12 challenges.

There is a different challenge every month and for the month of January, we were challenged to make something for ourselves. This is rather appropriate, since we have been rather busy making things for others in the lead up to Christmas.

I made this "two hour dress" (NewLook 6889) for myself. I am fairly long in the torso, but an average-ish height, so I made the shorter of the two lengths and added 7cm to the top half  of the dress but made no modifications to the bottom half. It finished up a nice knee length dress, perfect for wearing around the house on hot days. 

Now, I bet you are wondering, did I do it in two hours? After tracing and adjusting and cutting (which isn't included in the two hours) it took me somewhere from 2.5 - 3 hours. I would imagine it would be quicker doing it again.

Next month the challenge is to sew something from a knit fabric. I have a plan, hopefully I get it under way nice and early in the month.


  1. It looks really cool and floaty Carmel!

  2. Well done you. I love the colours of the fabric and the ribbon detail.

  3. That looks so appropriate for our hot summer! Love the fabric.

    Looking forward too see what you have planned for Feb.

  4. Great to make something for yourself for a change, isn't it? I made that my mission over the xmas break and am so glad I did!

  5. Hey, well done to you Carmel for taking on the year long challenge and for making something for yourself. It is so easy to keep saying "next" when it comes to us. And nice work on the dress, especially the alterations.

  6. What a wonderful dress! Good thing you're not living in my environment. It would be somewhere deep down in the closet since all we have in the last weeks is snow! :)
    Warm hugs from the Netherlands

  7. That looks great! I can't imagine that took only such a short time to sew.


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