Monday, 11 January 2010

My Versatile Little Barrel Purse

I finally finished the straps for this purse this morning. It's a real cutie, the pictures honestly don't do it justice. The designer is so clever!

The fabric is from a very small, free piece of Saffron Craig, that was given to me by Amy of Badskirt - never under estimate small scraps, they can still be put to use, and this was definitely a quality scrap!

I decided to turn the cuteness up a notch and add a detachable strap. Both ends can be attached together as a wristlet, or at either end of the purse (which given the size of the purse, is still, surprisingly like a wristlet) or the strap can be entirely removed and the purse can be strap free!

I tried to make the strap using scraps from the purse fabric, but my original piece of fabric wasn't very big, and it is next to impossible to turn a rouleaux strap when you have a join in the fabric. Unsatisfied with the "matchiness" of anything in my fabric stash I turned to my box of bias binding.


  1. Oooooh that purse is GORGEOUS!

  2. You just keep doing it don't you - this is also fabulous Carmel. What a way to use scraps.

  3. You are my purse hero, I so have to get me one of these! LOVE IT

  4. You are so right about scraps... but it can be different to sometimes know when to save and when to throw!

    The fabric is gorgeous and you have made it into a beautiful purse. The detachable straps at both ends is clever.

  5. You are a champion - thanks so much for finding those patterns for me - i really appreciate it.

    The beading is great..the seahorse is very sweet, can't weight to get started!

    Love your blog too! What a beautiful purse...

  6. Great work - that IS a real cutie!

  7. Oh that is so cute. The fabric is great.


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