Saturday, 16 January 2010


The night before New Year's Eve we had a friend over for dinner. I pan-fried some salmon and Maxx made sushi. I prepared the rice for him though, so he could do the rest when he got home from work. The next day, Maxx showed me how to make the sushi roll using the left over rice.

Last night for dinner, I made sushi all by myself.


  1. Yuuuuuuuum. If I hadn't had sushi yesterday I would be quite upset right now after seeing yours!

  2. Yum. We bought my SIL a sushi maker for Christmas - she wanted one. So sushi is a big hit in our family although I've never tried to make it myself. Susan

  3. Well you're a bit clever! Well done Carmel. I hope your efforts were appreciated.

  4. oh yum! i'll have to photograph some of my japanese sushi makers I picked up in tokyo! so many cute ones and even kids ones that make faces in rice balls for them!!!!

    well done! very professional!

    Corrie: )

  5. Oh yum, if you have sushi loving children, it's a nice cheap option & a great way to use up a little bit of chicken, little bit of salmon, little bit of tuna you have in the fridge. I taught myself how to make sushi in Darwin where skinny little rolls were $4 each!! Times me plus 4 children, cheaper to do it at home. Love Posie

  6. Mmmmm... I'm craving sushi now! And your sushi looks great! Yum!


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