Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I just couldn't resist this pattern from Jodie of Ric-Rac. First I saw this blog post, and then there were more posts, and then I couldn't help myself, I ordered it! Would you be able to resist?

I started making this lovely elephant when I really should have been making Christmas presents. Or working on the purses I was making in Nikki's class. I finished her yesterday.

She is made of a cotton-linen blend that I purchased from a local shop. I think I got 5 metres of this, so I could probably make a whole herd of elephants from it if I wanted to.

Her dress is made from some American Jane fabric that I got from Amy at Badskirt. I just had to finish it off with some ric-rac from my stash that just happened to match the flowers in the dress. Be careful when ironing ric rac, as the stuff I have melted (as in to a liquid!), so I had to unpick and sew again. She also has snaps instead of buttons on her dress as they are so much easier (for her and for me).

Anyway, I've been saying "she" and "her" because I haven't come up with a name yet.... any ideas?


  1. isnt that cute!!

    I havnt come up with any creative names for her either- sorry

    I thought of mabel- but my sister has a chicken named that, guess you dont know here though

  2. Trisha.
    I think you should call that delightful and way cool elephant Trisha. That's the name of the elephant at Perth Zoo.

  3. She's gorgeous!

    How about Macy? She looks like a Macy :)

  4. You you think Jodie would be flattered or insultd if you called her 'Jodes'!!??

  5. "Her" is very cute Carmel. When I saw her, I wanted to call her Matilda.

  6. I just love the linen version - you are so clever. I might have to ake one for myself with linen....(and buy a bigger house for all the toys!)

  7. ooo she looks like a phoebe to me! Very cute - you have done a great job and love the dress fabric.

  8. So cute, i think perfect name with E, i name it Ellie.


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