Friday, 15 April 2011

Paper Dolls, Lady Bugs & Unicorns


I've been wanting to make this outfit for Amélie for a while now, and finally managed to get the fabric and the time to do it.


I've made this once before as a gift for a friend, and when I heard that the pattern was being discontinued, I went and got myself the one in the larger sizes - before I even had a girl to sew them for. Let's hope I can still convince her to dress like this when she is pre-school aged!


The pattern is the "Puppet Show" Tunic & Shorts by Oliver + S. The patterns come with a cute paper doll that you can cut out and dress up in the same paper outfit as the pattern. I wonder if I will let Amélie play with these one day, or if I will still want to keep them for myself!


The fabric is Heather Ross' "Far, Far Away" Unicorns for Kokka, and I used some Kiyohara Clover & Ladybug for the shorts and the bodice and sleeve cuffs. Both fabrics are double gauze, which is lovely and soft and light. I was looking at the unicorn fabric, and noticed the Kiyohara on the same page at Kelani. The colours are a pretty close match.


I also thought of a way to make use of the cutest selvedge I have ever seen...



  1. so cute and agree about the cute selvage!

    Your so good at working with this sort of thing!- shirts, dresses!

  2. Great idea with the selvedge. Very cute. I should have bought that pattern (shorts) when it was available as I really do love it!

  3. LOVE the tag and that fabric! It is perfect for those shorts.

  4. Gorgeous, and I love your use of the selvedge.

  5. and even cuter in real life !

  6. This is a gorgeous fresh colour. I haven't seen selvedge as cute as this before!

  7. what a sweet little outfit, great details! :)


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