Saturday, 27 October 2012

27. Awesome Day Out

Polly Pratt Pop Up Shop

Mum and I had a big day out today. We started at the Polly Pratt Pop Up Studio which was at the back of the Olive Grove Studios in Brunswick.

Polly Pratt Pop Up Shop

If you get a chance, you should pop into the Olive Grove and check out their wares. There were some lovely skirts and dresses there made by Finki, Starashan , Dear Someone and Polly Pratt amongst others. I don't think I have ever seen so many items of clothing I wanted to buy in the one shop before. It really made me want to go and make myself some more skirts too, there was so much hand-made inspiration. If you're wishing you could've made it to the pop-up store, I have it on good authority they will be doing this again really soon. When I hear more I will let you know here.

CurlyPops is in the shop!

When we arrived, I was a litte disappointed to see that Cam was not there, so we hung around for a bit and then went to Spotlight before coming back. It turns out that CurlyPops was just having a little trouble getting a parking spot. Lucky we came back! I snapped up a few of the Curlypops mini fabric panels, snapped a quick pic of Cam in her beautiful Polly Pratt dress, and then we went on our way.


Our next stop was Cleggs - I grabbed myself some nice skirt fabric, admired the Liberty of London prints, drooled over some silk suiting and then we headed to Tessuti. Oh, one day I wish to head to Tessuti with a few hundred dollars in my hand. Sometimes you get lucky and find some amazing things in the remnant bin. Today, I found some that were perfect for mum. She agreed and took them home. I am pretty sure they were really good bargains. I was also insanely jealous of the ladies that were there, enjoying their SEWING LESSONS! Oh my goodness. I really don't need to do (beginner) sewing lessons, but what a lovely location for someone to learn how to sew. I hope they know how good they have it.

The Haby Goddess

Our next stop was the Craft and Sewing Show in Caulfield. We pretty much made a bee-line for the Haby Goddess stand, where I said Hi to Jodi and purchased one of her Turn-it-All tools. I also grabbed some Clover Wonder Clips from the Punch with Judy stand and was really tempted by some buttons at the Chocolate Coated stand. I can't wait to try out my new tools!

Awesome price - but I'm not in the market

This was a pretty good bargain. I am totally not in the market for a new machine at the moment, but I spotted this and just knew I should let people know. If you have been thinking about getting yourself a Janome Horizon, you've got until 4:30 tomorrow afternoon to organise yourself. I have never seen this machine so cheap. If you look in the background, you can see the price displayed for the brand new model, which has not officially been released in Australia yet. That too, is a very good price.

My (very tame) haul

I had a great day out with my mum. Whilst there were some really good stands at the show, it really lacked the atmosphere and excitement of some of the other craft, sewing and quilting shows I have been to. There seemed to be a lot less exhibitors to what I have seen before, particularly at this venue. I am glad we went to other places in Melbourne before we went and I think I will be doing my craft show visits this way in the future.

Are you from Melbourne and into the craft/fabric scene? What shops/places do you recommend I check out next time?


  1. Oh and let me know what you think of those clover clips, have been seeing them alot lately.

  2. Thanks so much for coming all the way to Brunswick to visit. It was very lovely to see you!

  3. Sounds like you had a great day. My idea of heaven! By the way Carmel there is a pic of your Snakes and Ladders game at the Craft and Quilt Fair over my way. Gill


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