Tuesday, 23 October 2012

21. Noah & the Beanstalk

Noah's Beanstalks

Just over a month ago, Liam, Noah and I planted some vegetable seeds. We planted Heirloom Favourites (tomatoes), Dwarf Peas and Sweet Basil, all ordered online from Yates, and some Capsicum, Dwarf Beans and Sweet Corn all from Aldi.

Week 1 - Noah (Peas Basil Capsicum)

We planted a punnet of each for Liam and the same for Noah. You can see Noah's peas, above, after just one week!

Day 17 - Noah (peas, basil, capsicum, beans, tomato, corn)

By day 17, most of the seeds had sprouted and were going quite nicely. Noah is convinced we are going to grow a beanstalk up to the sky and really soon we'll be meeting giants. Liam's peas had been tipped out, so we planted some new ones.

Day 17 - Liam  (tomato, corn, beans, capsicum, sasil, peas)

I had almost given up on the capsicum, but some of them have now sprouted, so they might be okay. We planted some snow peas as well, it says to sew early spring, so I hope they will be alright. The basil is still very tiny, we'll see how it goes...

Day 32 - Liam's beans and peas

Yesterday, we planted the beans and peas into the garden. The tomatoes are looking a little young yet, I would like to see more leaves on them before I plant them out. We also lost a punnet of them when they were tipped out by one of the kids. I might plant some more, but a different variety, Grosse Lisse instead.

Day 32 - Noah (snowpeas, corn, capsicum, basil, tomato)

This morning I took a few photos of Amélie and Noah watering the plants.


Do you have a vegetable garden? How do you contend with snails? I'm a bit reluctant to use snail bait with small children around. We're going to try putting some beer in a saucer for them. That sounds really friendly, doesn't it? If you can't beat them, join them, yeah!



  1. Oh, I think it's so ace for kids to have a vegie garden- I am trying to think of creative things to do with broad beans because my girl is so proud that she grew them- so my tip is, make sure you plant stuff you like! We get a few slugs/ snails in our cabbages- I just soak them in salty water before cooking them and it either kills them, or just makes them seperate from the leaves...not sure!

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  3. I definitely recommend the beer trick (just not on a rainy day). Just use a deeper container than a saucer, the drunk snails need to not be able to get out...

    We are currently contending with the cat who has dug up my beetroot, peas and beans as soon as we planted them out from the seedling punnets.


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