Monday, 8 October 2012

8. Kids Clothes Week Day 1


It's day one of Kids Clothes Week and I've started with the skirt from the Oliver + S Sunday Brunch pattern. I have an idea for a skirt, and wanted an A-line pattern to base it on. I purchased the digital version of this last night from the Oliver + S website and now I'm about to make a toile using this cute embroidered fabric before I get stuck into the real deal. Of course, I have discovered I have no matching thread so I'm off to the local fabric shop with three kids, just as soon as Amélie wakes from her nap.


How is this for a happy mail day? No bills (always a good start) and a trifecta of little goodies for me! Some snow pea seeds from Yates, a New Look pattern from Patternplus (thanks Lara for sharing this store - my pattern was only $4.80 inc postage) and a copy of the Homespun magazine in which my snakes & ladders project is featured.


  1. Hooray for awesome mail days! I had yummy mail too - a new stamp. I love that green fabric you are using for the "toile"!

  2. Great mail! I've just ordered from Patternplus too (thanks Lara!) and I might have to go back for that pattern too. Cute!

  3. Now that is a very happy mail day! I resisted the pattern specials - just!

  4. I'm a big fan of PDf patterns, too. I think it's the instant gratification thing!

  5. OOh, lucky you! It's so nice to get things in the mail, even if you've had to order them yourself!

  6. Love that green embroidered fabric. x


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