Sunday, 21 October 2012

19. Giving Handmade Gifts

Pencil Roll, Flap closed

The other day, I was on Facebook and came across a conversation about giving handmade gifts at birthday parties. Someone was asking if she should include a "bought gift" along with the gift that she had made the birthday child.

Pencil Roll, inside

My response was something along the lines of saying that people should not under-value their hand-made gifts and that it was silly to think that you need to add an extra gift to "make up for" your handmade present.

Pencil Roll, Outside

Today I second guessed myself. I have given pencil rolls like this before and they have been received really well. But as I looked at the gifts the birthday boy received before we got there, my gift looked so different and out of place and I began to wonder if he (or others) would actually appreciate it, or just think it was silly. Liam said he liked it...

Pencil Roll, rolled

I really hope he does like it. Do you give hand-made gifts? Do you feel like you have to subsidise these gifts with extra toys? Do you like receiving hand-made gifts?


  1. That's beautiful, kids love drawing. I honestly think it depends on what it is - My kids once got a piece of dowel with paper streamers on it. The pencil roll is gorgeous and personalized. If you felt a bit funny you could always add a coloring book next time. As a mother I would rather that beautiful gift than some of the $2 shop crap my kids have received and subsequently had broken in minutes

  2. I do give handmade gifts and often fret about it. I know I'm not an expert seamstress and that means what I'm giving might not be perfect. But I try and gift to people who appreciate handmade gifts and my confidence grows with each one I give!

    The pencil roll is gorgeous and I would be delighted if my girls received something so special :o)

  3. I love giving and receiving handmade gifts. I do tend to think a lot about the receiver beforehand though, and whether I could actually make something that they'd appreciate.
    If I decide that I can't, then I'm more than happy to just buy something instead.

  4. PS - I forgot to add that I love your monkey roll!

  5. I love your pencil roll and can't see why a little kid wouldn't be thrilled to have it.

    I tend to only make gifts for people I like a lot and think will appreciate it. Buying a cheap gift is so much easier and less special, but if that'sall they'll appreciate, then I'm not going to put in any effort. I've been stung, and I learn fast!

  6. I give handmade gifts most of the time now. Just last weekend I gave a hat I made to a friend's little boy, but I did also throw in a book and tshirt, only because that is how much i would normally spend on him. At christmas time now, I am making clothes for my nieces (because they loved their handmade dresses last year) and other kids I have to get presents for are getting handmade hats or messenger bags. The kids always love them, it's the parents I can sometimes worry about! lol

  7. For the 'school' parties I only make gifts if I get requests. For eg I made my dd personalized chair bag at the beginning of one school year and had 3 or 4 class mates request one when dd received invitations to their birthdays. I was happy to oblige because they are simple to make and would be well received. I do tend to add a small bought component to the gift, such as pencils into a pencil case or a book into a chair bag.

  8. I love handmade gifts. They are so close to the heart. Do you have more good things for homemade items?

  9. The pencil roll is beautiful. I don't feel like I need to buy a gift if I am making one. I have bought coloring books and crayons to put in a bag (the kid with holders for the crayons on the outside) but only because it goes with it. I do worry though if others appreciate the homemade gift and I think I have been making less over the years and making more for just my family. I know giving shouldn't be about appreciation but I can't help it and have those thought.

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