Monday, 15 October 2012

15. Dortje


I have a little confession. I kind of fell off the Kids Clothes Week Wagon on Saturday. I got a little busy with a different project, but once that was finished, I was back into it. I did my hour (or so) that I owed from Saturday, today instead, so we're all good and caught up.


These pants are the Dortje pants from the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love. I recently had this from the library, and I did not want to give it back. This is actually the second time I have borrowed this book from the library, but now Amélie is almost big enough to fit the smallest size.


The pants have such a lovely shape. They are a little big for now, but I've put some buttonhole elastic in, so they are cinched in a bit, but can be let out later if need be. Once they start getting a little short, I am sure I could let them down and perhaps even add a ruffle to the bottom.


There are a heap of things in the book that I would like to make. I do find the pictures a bit busy, which makes it tricky to be able to make sense of what exactly the models are wearing (though, they do all look very beautiful), and would have preferred it if the patterns were on proper paper, rather than tissue paper. Having said that, I still want this book. I have heard that there is an edition with paper patterns, does anyone know which edition it is, so I can make sure I get that one?


  1. I've had mine for ages, can't remember but assume it has tissue patterns. I forgot to add SA which was annoying. I made some of these a while back, they are super cute! Where do you get the buttonhole elastic from, Spotty? Have to replace one in thrifted jeans!

  2. Hello Carmel!

    Thank you for your blog post and thank you for joining our flickr group. I am so happy you are enjoying the book. You have such a sweet little one there!

    The second printing of the book has the proper (white) paper pattern sheets. It is difficult to know if you will get a first printing or a second printing when you order online. The last books I ordered from Amazon had the white paper patterns. Please know that the white paper patterns have some of the pattern pieces overlapping, so tracing is a must. There are great ways to preserve tissue paper patterns, though. A friend told me about ironing lightweight fusible interfacing to the tissue paper. This is so great! I have even rescued old vintage patterns by fusing interfacing to them.

    Have a great day,

  3. I love the Dortje pattern and made about 5 pairs for my little Petal JUST BEFORE she decided she no longer wore pants. She's been a dress and skirt girl since!

    Amelie is growing up so fast, and getting cuter every day!


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